Research centres on the inter-relationship between self/situation understood via the vehicle of a walk. The primary medium employed for investigation/documentation is photography, the use of photography questioning the interface between fact and fiction. Inter-disciplinary boundaries are highlighted and issues of meaning, aesthetics and cultural placement examined.

Sara Bowen
Portable buildings in early Australian settlement: their contribution to the development of a sense of place in a liminal space with particular reference to Charles Frederick Bielefeld’s papier mâché houses.
An investigation into the influence of domestic architecture in the tensions between place/non-place in early Australian settlement, as a key to understanding the experience of spatial and psychological translation between places.

Hilary Ramsden
Walking and civic dialogue: a critical and performative investigation of the relationship of walkers to their immediate neighbourhood and environment.
My research asks whether intentional and performative acts of walking can effect changes in the attitudes and perceptions of walkers to their neighbourhood and environment that might encourage dialogue and exchange among diverse communities, broadening participation in the process of community revitalisation.